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Cremation Ash and Flower Jewellery

Cremation Ash and Flower Preservation Jewellery each bead... each moment... each memory... linked together tell the story of your life so far.

We all know that the flowers become the star of the show, but how many of us stop to think of what happens to all the beautiful flowers after a event is said and done?

If you’re like me, you love flowers; the look of them, the smell of them, and the way that they can put a smile on a face or transform a space from nothing to something so easily.  We pay a pretty penny for these wonderful works of nature, yet they don’t last forever no matter how hard we try.

Our work is a pleasure for us at Blooms Forever, because we love what we do.  Each day we are invited into the lives of our customers and given the opportunity to preserve the moments most special to them.

As each piece of flower preservation jewellery is hand made – the  style of our beads may not be totally spherical as we use resin and other additives to blend the petals together, then add a final polish to the piece of jewellery. This can turn to more a matt finish over a period of time.

We are also very proud to say that every step of our designs are created here on our site here in Somerset, providing an extremely unique and personal experience for all of our customers.


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Popular Products

Harriett Beads & Bracelet


Our most popular design. A lovely way to be able to keep close memories with you with this delicate sterling silver Pandora bracelet filled with a lovely swirled mix of your flower petals taken from your flowers from any occasion. All flower colours can be used to design this style of jewellery.

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Annie Cremation Ash pendant


This stunning silver fancy drop pendant designed in royal blue is an amazing stylish way to enclose your cremation ashes.

As soon as we have received your ashes, we will let you know that we are in safe receipt and will update you on the process through out. The process is normally completed within 3 weeks. At busy periods the wait can be longer but we can advise you on this at the time of purchase.
We offer a range of different colours which you can choose from, we also can combine a mixture of colours to make your piece completely different, individual and unique to you. The mixture of colours really does give that extra special effect to any piece. We can also use flowers from any tribute to add to the design if you so wish.
Each and every piece of Jewellery we design are completely hand crafted so they may vary slightly in size and colour.
Having been through a huge tragic loss myself I am completely familiar with the concerns and worry of the thoughts you may be going through about your ashes once they are in our care.
We can completely reassure you that the ashes will be well looked after and treated with the upmost respect and dignity. Any unused ashes will be returned to you with your finished product.
We will let you know as soon as we have completed your order and will arrange a suitable postage date with you.


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Jessica Earrings


Sterling silver roped edge 10 x 8 oval earrings made with a mix of petals taken from a bridal bouquet of flowers.A lovely keepsake made with the beautiful petals from any occasion being transformed into a hand made piece of bespoke flower jewellery To design this style of earrings ,we would require 1 flower head if possible.

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Elysa Cremation Ash Beads


Elysa Cremation Ash Beads Our “Elysa” Cremation Ash beads are the perfect way to carry your loved lost one close to you. “Elysa” beads…

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Charley Bracelet


A stunning solid sterling silver Celtic bracelet made with a mix of petals taken from a bridal bouquet of flowers.A lovely keepsake made with the beautiful petals from any occasion being transformed into a hand made piece of bespoke flower jewellery.

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Luna Cremation Ash Pendant


Our “Luna” cremation ash round pendant displayed using flowers from a tribute is a beautiful and powerful pendant to enclose your loved ones ashes.

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